Why Battle Rap has become a satanic minstrel show



Bigotry, racism, satanism  and the ghetto nigger mentality  permeates the  battle rap  culture today especially within  the urban rap leagues.  I remember watching a recent battle with two black rappers Swave Sevah and Ness Less where Swave is dissing Ness lee for his dark complexion.  Then In another battle Heartless  another Black  American  again is  dissing  the dark complexion of Ness Less.  On both occasion the people in the audience  where laughing hysterically. There  also have been battles with white rappers  mocking  and openly sharing  racist or bigoted views towards  black battlers  and vice versa.


There are many example of these of racist shaming tactics in battle rap in order to get cheap crowd reactions. I never found it funny or really understood  how  blacks will get upset if whites call them  a nigger or a black piece of shit but then they will turn around and call each other niggas and  black piece and shit and even laugh about someone saying it in a battle. Some battle rappers  even take it as far as calling  white battle rappers “ niggas” like in a recent battle on KOTD where  T-rex a black rapper calls Hollohan a nigga. If in battle rap being black is a negative thing and can be used as an angle against you how do we expect black children to feel. Why are black people surprised that their women are bleaching their skin worldwide? I wonder if these battle rappers allow their children to watch their battles? I wonder if they think this is helping the image of the black community ? I wonder if they realize that this is reinforcing age old stereotypes of the typical shoe shine, bo-jangling, buck-dancing, zip-coon.


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