Why Battle Rap has become a satanic minstrel show


Now as a student of the occult I am well informed about symbolism, and I have always wonder why these negroes feel that they can take occult symbols and give it a new meaning. In the book Codex Magica it shows us  what is called the “El Diablo” or “Horned Devil”  hand sign which is  connected to Satanism and the occult.


Now I’m not here to demonize satanism and the occult but i hate when people put up a front. I really hope someone asks smack “white” what does that hand sign he keeps flashing mean,  I would really like to hear what he says. But lets give the battles rappers the benefit of the doubt because we know that symbols have different meaning . Some people may interpret the hand sign to mean “rock on” or “I love you” . My question is, is it a coincidence that these same rappers that are throwing up these signs are also wearing shirts with 666 and little devils.


I have  seen Smack putting up the one eye symbolism . Is he doing it for shock value or perhaps he is down with the boule or some other secret fraternity.


In the trailer of the Rookies vs Vets we see smack  “white” putting up the one eye symbolism. Am I the only one that sees this? What’s really going on here ? Are people really that blind and dumb to not see he is  throwing up occult symbols that are associated with Satanism.


 Maybe I am over reacting but someone has to explain to me what they think these occult symbols that are being used in battle rap scene mean  because I don’t know why people believe they can change the meaning of symbols. Its like changing the meaning of the middle finger and flipping people off every time you see them and never explaining what the new meaning of the  middle finger means to you, which doesn’t really matter because it’s still offensive! Why do these guys always want to revamp , or remix signs and terminologies.  This is just like what they did with the N-word they took the term nigger and remixed it to nigga.


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