Why Battle Rap has become a satanic minstrel show


I would never take my hard earned cash  to see these negroes show me their asses and act like complete buffoons on stage. How the hell do they get paid $2000 and up and they can’t find a belt to keep their pants up . Some of these battlers may actually be gay or bisexual however I’m not here to point any fingers. but i will say that battle rapper K-shine had his buttocks griped really firm on stage. lol

Battle rap has really become a safe haven for degenerates, felons, high school dropouts , thugs and over the hill rappers with no career. Why don’t the league owners address this issue of these guys showing their asses on stage.


Its  obvious that they are allowing them to show their asses but why? Personally I don’t want to see a mans ass while he’s rapping about murder and mayhem. People like Tsu surf , Arsonal, Hollow da don, Goodz are well known for showing their asses and it is really disgusting and classless. To make matters worst you will see these guys holding their pants up by their buckle or pulling their pants up every 2 minutes. These guys are getting paid thousands of dollar to rap for 6  minutes and they can’t even keep their pants up for that short time-its truly pathetic. How difficult is it to keep your pants above your ass cheeks. Now not all battle rappers dress like bums.  I have seen people like x factor, Loaded lux, Murda Mook, Jin, Prep, Aye verb and others dress like men with class and dignity but the ones that don’t are sore thumbs in battle rap culture and are dragging it down further to shitty degenerate minstrel show level it is today.


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