Why Battle Rap has become a satanic minstrel show


I was a huge fan of the battle rap sport when I was in my early twenties, but now I can honestly say that today the battle rap culture has become a cesspool of hot fermented satanic trash, that has spread with  the rise and popularity of youtube. Currently, it is successfully  poisoning the minds of the black youth while at the same time solidifying the ignorant and inferior stereotypes of black men as in the days of the minstrel shows .

Today battle rap is a big circus it has become the new WWE.  We now have teams like NWX, Writers Bloque, Dot Mob, Team Homy, S.O.N.S, Innuendo,  and the list goes on and on.I have nothing against groups but these group never stay together or the group only last about 6 months to a year. Its normal for  battle rappers to duck each other now, and  it’s totally acceptable to never admit when you lose a battle. Battlers will argue with you into the ground that the battle in which they lost was actually “debatable” and it’s a matter of preference. They might even say that they won in the building but lost on the camera or vice versa. They have no integrity and have become high priced hookers with the rap leagues who play the role as their pimps. Dont be surprised to hear battle rappers say, ” I’m about my chicken” or ” get the bread up and I’ll  kill him” when asked if they will battle a rival Mc.

I reminisce the days when some of my favorites battlers like Juice, Supernatural, Big L , Eyedea ,ToneDeff, Jin, Posta Boy were battling. These Battle Mc’s were the complete package they could spit a hot written or rip you up with a tight freestyle of the top of dome, all while controlling the crowd. Recently, I have realized that battle rap scene has become a satanic minstrel show. A minstrel show is a  comedic  performance originated in the 1800s and early 1900s where white  performers  would act, dance and sing in black face.  Their aim was to mock  black people and perpetuate negative stereotypes. During this time period black people were not hired in the performing arts. It seems today  the battle rap culture has picked up the baton of the minstrel show by showing the worst the black race has to offer. It is no longer just about cracking jokes on your opponent  and belittling them , it’s no longer just about who is the better rapper and freestyler. It’s now about who the crowd favors more that day, who is the more believable thug or dyke. It’s now about who can be the best caricature of a nigger.


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