The Michael Jordan Replacement


Different ears, thinner top lip, smaller eyes 

I have been a big fan of Michael Jordan and growing up in  a black neighborhood he was not only an icon but also a role model everyone wanted to be like mike. To be honest I had no idea Michael Jordan was replace until my recent awakening. I compiled images of Michael Jordan and looked for family conflicts to help me put to together this “conspiracy theory”.  In my heart I feel MJ was replaced and i challenge anyone to disprove it.

Understanding how the master controllers use the number 6 or 666 was very important in helping me connect the dots in this mystery.

  • Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals MJ got his 6th ring.
  • Jordan’s first retirement took place on on 10/6/93
  •  Jordan’s father James Jordan’s body was cremated Aug. 6 after an autopsy, by order of the Marlboro County, S.C., coroner.
  • Jordan retired again in 1999

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