The Eminem Clones

4097874413_62b7e080e8 If you don’t agree with my conclusion I can understand. I remember when I was younger and I was  bumping the Marshal Mathers LP and my aunt literally broke my CD and told me it was crap. I was infuriated back then but, looking back now I can understand why she said that but I still don’t think she should of have broke my CD because I paid for that shit! I have to admit that some of the replacements Eminems were quite talented rappers, just not as talented as the real Eminem but damn good! I personally liked the Slim Shady Lp Eminem. There was a point during my research where I found a video where the fake Eminem didn’t know his correct age. He was on Howard Stern in 1999 and said he was 24. Eminem was born 1972 and he would actually have been 27. You can watch that video here. I also have to admit some of the replacement where cool, likeable people while others were outright weird and funny looking.


3529631-50_n_eminemTake a look at the picture to the left to see what I’m saying. Not too long ago the house that was on the cover of MMLP was burned down and the imposter didn’t even bother to speak about it. I wonder if other people actually even pick up on these things and just scratched their heads. We all know that Eminem always stated he loved his daughter but he stayed out of public view during her homecoming. Where is his mother Debbie and why have we not heard from her since 2008? Why did D12 dissolve? Why did Obie Trice and 50 cent leave? Why on the Eminem Show did he made a song called My dad gone Crazy? Why did Charles Hamilton say Eminem tried to have sex with him? The answer is very simple: Eminem is dead.

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