The Eminem Clones

emin-ytThe first video I created was titled Eminem died 100% Proof in 2012. That first video went viral and is no longer available on youtube but you can download it here. Seeing its success I decided to do 8 follow up videos about Eminem being dead. I received tons of Eminem died video responses which you can still find on YouTube today. My video series went on to receive over 2 million views. I became a somewhat popular YouTuber in a span of 6 months but I was mostly despised and didn’t have any real supporters, only people who wanted to see what I would say next.

tumblr_lpxyex10YL1qkuet1o1_500My channel was eventually flagged down mysteriously. Luckily I had a backup channel which people found and I received hundreds of emails about Eminem and the more I went deeper into my initial 2006 replacement theory the more I realized that Eminem was replaced not in 2006 or 2001 but in 1999. People who listened to Eminem died 100% videos know that I am known for using lyrical proof. Most people ask me how I know what lyrics to take seriously and which ones to discard because Eminem does says a lot of crazy shit as a shock rapper. What I say to those people is that an artist tends to express or paint a picture of their lives through their music. The easiest way to identify which lyrics an artist wants you to take seriously is if the lyrical content is a recurring theme in their songs. In addition, you can look at the person’s real life behavior, their current lifestyle, and their childhood background. So when Eminem says that he had a bad relationship with his mother, he loves his daughter, and he sold his soul to the devil then its most likely true. On the other hand, Eminem saying he swallowed grenades, killed people, or that his mom gave him a food stamp for a pack of cigarettes and book at the news stand, obviously is not true. Let’s look at a quote by the replacement Eminem in Spin Magazine:

Like that cloning thing they’re doing — they should
hurry that up. Then I’d be able to do movies and rap
and produce at the same time and run a label and rip
my hair out.

Finding this quote was a turning point in my research. I asked myself why he would say that out in the open. Well I believe he was telling the truth because he was a replacement or look alike and he was waiting for the higher ups to finish the clone. Yes I know it sounds crazy but let’s look at what his friend Proof said in his song titled Fall Back.

The Devil’s in the next room. Guess who sparks life
out test tubes Special delivery clone vessels.


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