The Eminem Clones

CHsSeSome people may listen to the Public Enemy #1 Song and say he is rapping about iTunes and September 11th so that can’t be the “real Eminem”. Well you’re right that isn’t the real Eminem rapping. As I stated before the original Eminem wrote albums worth of material but was released in later albums as  re-recordings of the songs with additional rhymes about current events or current associates. It’s also possible that they seized the real Eminem’s rhyme book or recordings and created songs from it, or the imposter was told to re-record and make  incomplete songs into full songs or simply create completely new songs with the “I fear for my life theme”. Ask yourself when did Eminem become Public Enemy #1 in  2006? Why were Darling and Be careful what you wish for being released in 2009 as bonuses? The conclusion that makes the most sense is that these are re-done songs by the imposter that the real Eminem may have recorded fully or incompletely. Now if you listen to the song Demon Inside you’re going to clearly recognize that, that is the real Eminem and you will also find out it is not a full song. Now let’s look at some recent freestyles the replacement Eminem has done and how he has repeatedly exposed the fact he is a replacement. In the video uploaded in  2010 titled “Westwood – Eminem freestyle Radio 1”, at 4:23
minutes he raps:

News flash I’m still trashed them pills should have
killed my ass but they didn’t just made stronger like
they rebuilt my ass like the 6 million dollar man after
the crash.

I thought that was bad but when I heard this following
freestyle I almost vomited from disgust. In the video uploaded in
2009 titled “Eminem – Freestyle with Tim Westwood [Complete] –
HQ” at 27 seconds in he raps:

I wasn’t born mean I was push to treachery I walk
the streets looking for some puss to fetch me. I’m like
a veggie brainist turn from mush I’m edgy. Edgy
enough to give Reggie Bush a wedgie. If he don’t give
me kin things could get messy. So pass that ass to me
let me squash the left cheek and press against the
right one till it squash against me and leave a dead
body in the woods to Mc.

I understand the whole bit about Eminem being a shock rapper but these lyrics are going too far. The freestyle he rapped about him being still trashed and how he feels like he was rebuilt like the 6 million dollar man is very telling. This current Eminem is a fraud who knows he’s a fraud and is gleefully shoving it in our faces.

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