The Eminem Clones

77_eminem diff
If you are a person with just one eye you can still clearly see
this man has been played by different people throughout the
years. All of Eminem’s features has changes throughout the
years, such as his ears, nose, hairline, facial bone structure,
and even the size and shape of his head. Please download all of the pictures I’ve compiled here so you may compare the features yourself. I have over 50 of them. When you are done comparing you’ll come to realize the harsh reality and conclude that the Eminem you’re seeing now is not the original. In other words, the Eminem you grew up with since 1999 was not the real Eminem. Below is a preview of some of the images of the
imposter I have collected.

77_eminem real eminemIf Eminem died it would be on the news! I have heard all the rebuttals you can think an Eminem fan could use to argue the case for the original Eminem not having been replaced. Now we keep in mind that these people who are using these rebuttals, for the most part, do not understand reality and already have made their minds up and will scoff at any information you send  their way. When backed into a corner they will resort to asking for Eminem’s dead corpse or a news report that confirms his death and replacement. These types of people I call “zombie slaves”. Let’s look at the first argument which is “your ear structure changes with age”. This argument can quickly be shot down because anyone who takes 2 minutes to do some research will see that your ear structure- meaning the creases and folds that make it unique does not change. See for their article . also has an interesting article you can read . The Telegraph recently wrote an article titled “Ears provide new way of identifying people in airports” you can read the entire article here.

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