The Eminem Clones

013Some people will argue that cloning humans is not possible, and ask who would do it and why would the government waste money cloning a rapper? This is a very ignorant argument but you can easily debunk the cloning aspect by sending that individual a link to Popular Science and CNN. Explaining who and why someone would clone a rapper is  not so easy. Although personally I would simply say to the person that they replace celebrities all the time to control the masses, also money is not issue for the elites who are running this operation. That explanation for most people who want to argue will not be enough so I wouldn’t even bother explaining  any further. Another popular argument is that a clone would look the same or the clone would still be young and not the age that the real Eminem should be. This type of argument is based on what  they have seen in movies and perhaps in mainstream science. 

You can point this individual in the direction of the following movies: The Island (2005), Boys from Brazil (1978), Blade Runner (1982)The 6th Day (2000), The Lucifer Complex (1978), and Oblivion (2013) and tell them that the elite who are running the world expose what they are doing in movies to control or prepare the populace. 

3529630-flip-13_eminem_2006Putting their agenda and modus operandi into movies is also a way of washing the blood off their hands, as if to say “you can’t say we didn’t tell you”.  On another note, I have had many people come and say to me, well why they didn’t clone 2pac and Biggie. I always chuckle when I hear this emotional argument. Yet I give them the same reply, “They choose who they want to replace it’s not up to me or  you. Moreover, Eminem connects more with the white dominant society than 2-pac and Biggie so why would the elite want to replace them?” One of my favorite rebuttals from people is that Eminem had surgery on his face and ears. This argument is quite comical and short-lived because after I ask them for a news report of it they never return. I’m pretty sure people will think of more wacky rebuttals to maintain their delusions. However, I can say that many people have come back to me months after arguing with me and said “Conspiracydude I thought you were crazy about that Eminem thing but after I did my research I can honestly say that you were right – Eminem was replaced”.

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