The Eminem Clones

77_eminem_hatWill the real Slim Shady please stand up? Have you ever wondered when the alter ego Slim Shady was created? Well, if you are a diehard fan of Eminem then you should own the Album Infinite. If you are a diehard fan you would know that, on that album there was no Slim Shady just a talented, positive, witty, multi-syllabic, passionate rapper named Eminem. There were no shocking rhymes or horrific rhymes, just a soothing melodic flow wherein words intertwined and told a story without seeming forced. So what happened to that Eminem? He sold his soul for fame or was forcefully replaced. I highly suggest you watch the movie Rosemary’s Baby in which a man did a variation of the “selling you soul for fame” method. He made a deal with the “Devil” and sacrificed his first born for fame. Eminem’s “sell your soul contract” was more like “I will make you famous but you have to give me the rights to your identity”. As a starving artist, Eminem took the deal without a second thought but when he found out what he got himself into it was too late. Although some of these songs were his doubles rapping it is clear to me the original Eminem knew he was going to be replaced when we look at the lyrics. 

In the song Low down dirty where he raps:

I’m low down and dirty, but not ashamed” I’m low down and I’m shifty! And if you hear a man that sounds like me smack him and ask him where the fuck did he get his damn raps from.

In the song Demon Inside he raps:

I’m possessed by evil demons that torture me while I’m sleeping. I keep dreaming of death and I’m hearing people screaming. The devil’s spirit’s trapped inside me and I want it out. 

In the song I’m Shady he raps:

I stab myself with a steel spike While I blow my brain
out, just to see what it feels like Cause this is how I
am in real life I don’t want to just die a normal death, I
wanna be killed twice.

In the song My Name is he raps:

I lay awake and strap myself in the bed Put a
bulletproof vest on and shoot myself in the head.

In the song Bad Meets Evil he raps:

I breathe ether in three lethal amounts while I stab
myself in the knee with a diseased needle Releasing
rage on anybody in squeezing range Cold enough to
make the seasons change into freezing rain. He’s
insane No I’m not, I just want to shoot up and I’m
pissed off because I can’t find a decent vein.


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