The Eminem Clones

77_eminem shootI believe, or rather I know without a shadow of a doubt that the real Eminem was replaced. I think all the information up to this point has made that clear but I still have more ammo to unload for people who are still on the fence. Here is a video showcasing how Eminem’s voice has changed over the years you can download it here. There are another couple things I want to point out. Firstly, the replacement Eminem is completely horrible at free styling. Also after the Slim Shady LP all of his albums and even freestyles had disturbing homosexual references. In his song Criminal he raps:

C’mon! — Relax guy, I like gay men
Right, Ken? Give me an amen (AAA-men!)

In the “Steve Berman skit” he states:

You know why Dre’s record was so successful? He’s
rapping’ about big-screen T.V.s, blunts, 40’s and
bitches. You’re rapping’ about homosexuals and

I know someone will go pull up the Ken Kaniff skit from the Slim Shady LP and say, “Hey here is a homosexual reference”! I would argue that when you pull up the transcript for that skit you clearly see that the dialog is between “Man” and “Ken Kaniff” not “Eminem” and “Ken Kaniff”. So there goes the detractors’ last possible rebuttal for my claim that Eminem was replaced in 1999s or sometime before that. Either way you want to cut the cake the the fact is the Emine from the Slim Shady LP is not the real Eminem.  If you are still on the fence or not completely convinced it’s ok. Believe me after couple months or some years perhaps you will have to say to yourself, “man i guess  Eminem was replaced after all.” 

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