The Eminem Clones

emin-pun In 2005, Eminem went into a drug rehab for sleeping pill addiction, then the  following year his friend Proof died. This, I believe, depressed Eminem and, as a result, he kept very low key for a couple of years before releasing his Album Relapse in 2009 followed by Recovery in 2010. When Eminem returned he was different man he looked younger, he looked in shape and his fashion style had a dark punisher vibe. Eminem went from a Detroit wigger who would wear baggy jeans, fitted hats with durags to a punisher with a new all black fashion sense.


1844429288.02.LZZZZZZZAround 2012 I decided to compile pictures of Eminem just to see the changes he has gone through. At the time I was doing this I did know that he “sold his soul”  like most of the main stream artists, I did not know how bad his situation was and how it happened. After learning about the existence of androids from a documentary called American Androids and compiling hundreds of Eminem pictures, I deeply suspected and eventually was sure enough about what happened to him to make a public video stating that, indeed, Eminem had been replaced by multiple doubles/clones  and then finally replaced with an Android which is a synthetic programmable human which lacks genuine emotions.

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